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Aug 20 2013
4 Ways to Know School is back in Session

The summer is over and school is fresh in the air.  Although one never gets out of school mode, coming back to campus after summer break still is a process. Summer is a hard time on all of our lives... There is the sunshine, trips to the beach, vacations abroad, and the time spent catching up on precious NetFlix (By now you should be all caught up on Scandal). As you can see transitioning from summer break back to campus life is a breeze. So in the spirit of students returning back to campuses everywhere I felt it is only right to compile a list of 4 ways to Know School is Back in Session.    

1. You are looking at your schedule and are wondering how to make it through another semester.

2. You are getting back into campus shape.  At this very moment you regret being a couch potato the entire summer because every hill you climb on campus is a killer.

3. You get your syllabi from each class and wonder if all your professors put together an evil plan to make your life harder by placing all test on the same day throughout the semester.

4.  You are totally excited because it is time for some college football again!!! 

Happy Fall From Ubind!!!


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