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Jan 10 2014
A College Study Guide - Attitude Determines Experience
I have often times been presented with the question, “If you had any advice for my son/daughter that is in/starting college what would it be?”—Before I share my insight I would like to express that I feel that I am the perfect candidate for such a question. I have had the opportunity to attend various Universities and live in different areas while in college, and might I add that it’s not the colleges and professors that are different, but rather the students. The students set the stage, put on the performance and create the results of the overall college experience. Also, it should be noted that I didn’t graduate and say to myself “I nailed it!” –I struggled. –I failed. –I hurt. But, “I did it!”
The first semester of college was very difficult. Being away from home was hard and extremely uncomfortable. I was lonely. I missed my friends. I missed my comfort zone. I was failing classes and dropping classes constantly. At one time my GPA had dropped to a 1.8… It was disappointing. I found myself staying up countless nights in complete solitude listening to “Champagne Supernova” on repeat. I was in a dark place and scared. I had done my part and I didn’t succeed. I was constantly using other people’s energy to try to help pick me back up, but nothing helped. I tried. I failed. I was done.
The last semester of college was one of the best times of my entire life! I felt satisfied and complete. I felt like I was full of life and I was ready to take on whatever obstacles it wanted to toss my way. I graduated with honors from a 4 year University in Communication Studies with a 3.7 GPA, and I made the Dean’s List my final semester. I really tried. I really succeeded. I was actually done.
So, what happened in between? I found myself. I found my value. I discovered my gateway to success not in the classroom, but in experience. I became an individual and that is what resulted in my college prosperity.
Here are just a few things that I would like to share with you that helped make both, college and life, a little easier.
  1. Only make mistakes if you know how to learn from them—If you can’t do this then you’re just wasting your time.
  2. Be dedicated to good people.
  3. Always be devoted to yourself first.
  4. Learn to accept that days will be short and nights will be long.
  5. Sweat daily.
  6. Accept that you will (probably) fall for someone that doesn’t love you.
  7. Use “it was a learning experience” as an excuse…often.
  8. Learn that it’s safe to disagree, but it is important to be appreciative.
  9. When possible, always walk.
  10. Always listen.
  11. Discover why they sell large bundles of note cards.
  12. Study hard and often. Study what you learn. Learn what you study.
  13. Don’t judge. But, if you have to, always be subtle about it.
  14. Be in the here and now. You will enter a place of bliss and joy.
  15. Pause and Reflect. Sometimes you just have to slow down, close your eyes and focus all of your attention on your heart and feelings.
  16. Know that there is a huge difference in being alone and being lonely.
  17. Be aware of your “enoughness” and know that you are good enough.
  18. Don’t be over competitive instead, be over creative.
  19. If you don’t feel like what you are doing is right then know that it probably isn’t a good idea.
  20. Be Realistic.
  21. Remember that everything is temporary.
  22. Don’t worry about finding your purpose. Worry about finding your passion.
  23. Love yourself. This is vital. Change your Attitude…Change your experience!


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